losing Her


It hasn’t even been a year

You just realized everything is starting to become clear.

You realized she’s cheating on you

She has been seeing two.

You start to catch on, and you’re not with it

You think you can go on without it.

You hear her voice at night

For her you would fight.

You think you see her at night

But she isn’t anywhere in sight.

When you’re lying down, you think you feel her next to you

But there isn’t anybody else in that room but you.

You start to realize you’re losing her

You’re losing everything you could ever want. Anything you could ever need

Anything you could ever have... Was her the whole time.

But now you’re losing her

You’ve lost it all.

You start cruising

But you’re having trouble choosing. On your inside you’re bruising

But on the outside, you’re oozing.

You’ve lost that one person who actually would care

She would stare at you with a glare.

She made your life the best it could possibly be

But now you’re losing her.

Now you have trouble sleeping

You just wanna lay in the dark and start weeping.

When you see her friends you get upset

You get upset because it brings back memories.

The world is spinning at a very slow pace

You think it’s a race, but it isn’t.

Everything goes by so slow now that she’s gone

But she may be in a better place now.  

Somebody else maybe treating her better

You think about writing her a letter, a letter saying how deep your love is for her.

She says she still cares

But it doesn’t really seem that way.

She says she still loves you

But you just don’t have that much of a loving feeling anymore.

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awwwww that was od cute the

awwwww that was od cute the feeling your pome awakend for me was the feeling of heart brake. but it was AWSOME !!!

awwwww ! i likeeee !

awwwww ! i likeeee !