Hack and Lack

Hack and Lack

Hack is a lazy boy
He lays back and plays with his toys
Lack is his friend
they’ll stick together till the end
ones a human and the other a robot
But Hack does nothing its like hes about to rot

Lack got a job throwing sacks of laundry
working for a boss named Andre
Hack and Lack are having problems
Stop fighting just solve ‘em  
Lack start throwing sacks at Hack
Hack gets off his back and tells Lack

Stop fighting your gonna fall
Hack fell off a building 83 feet tall
Stop playing gimme that sack
In the end shut off Lack
Hack laid to rest
He got to lay back in the end so he got the best
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i likeee !

i likeee !

ugh go back to naruto and

ugh go back to naruto and the other stuff dis thing makes no sence to me