L.O.V.E. By: Ciara Cachet' Lloyd

By: Ciara Cachet’ Lloyd

When you find the right person you’ll do anything for
You’ll tend to give them your heart, your affection and so much more
Words can’t explain the true feelings that you feel
You ask yourself over and over again is this feeling real?
To know there’s someone like you in this world & share the same passion
The love you have for one another is forever outlasting
How does love feel? one day I want to know
I’ll show that one person my love and how I feel will continue to grow.
Does he love me? Does he love me not?
He says the love he has for me is all he got
Do I love him? I sure as hell do!
& I do believe true love is true
Here’s a love tip for all you lovers out there
Be true to the one who you know is real
Share secrets, Tell jokes  there can be no fail
Be happy live life with no regret love everyone around you
Like it’s the last thing you do! :)

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awwwwh girly its sooo sooo

awwwwh girly its sooo sooo soooo nice <3 :)


p.s you shouldve made a poem about me , but thats okay lol


but niceeeeee (faboulous***** voice)

i Lovee Thisss! <|3 !!

i Lovee Thisss! <|3 !!

I liked how you show

I liked how you show detailed and really expressed yourself

i like how you showed your

i like how you showed your emotions in the poem great job

Thiis iis So True<3 && Cutee

Thiis iis So True<3 && Cutee :')

iiLovee iit(: