Biographical Narrative !~''My Mom''~!


I met her on October 10th. I remember her brown eyes crying tears of joy . She is my mom , she is the most spectacular women you could ever meet . My mother is very close to my heart . She is supportive and very caring . My mother has a great personality she is hilarious , she can always make someone laugh . My mom is friendly , she makes a new friend everywhere he goes .

My mom and I have so many special memories together . One of my favorite memories that we have , was when she was teaching me how to cook french toast . I made a mess in the kitchen and burnt a couple of french toast , but afterwards I started to get the hang of it . Now I make french toast better than she does . We had lots fun that day.

I remember the time when my mom was trying to bake a layered cake for one of my birthdays . It didn't come out so good , one layer was bigger than the other . Luckily we had a store bought back-up cake just in case the first one didn't come out right . My mom is always prepared .

Another special memory that I have shared with my mom was when I was graduating from the 5th grade and I had recieved an award . I could never forget how my mom was acting . My mom was being overly excited and extremly hyper , but most of all just loud . I know my mom was very proud of me that day , and she still is proud of me . 

These special events in my life that I had with my mother , I'm not sure if they changed me as a person . But they have taught me to always love , respect , and accept your mother for who and what they are . Also ,  without your mother and her guidance you wouldn't be the person you are today .


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I wuv it soooo much! I agree

I wuv it soooo much! I agree w/ your last sentence because thts what i always think! I love my mom too and your essay was so awesome and you could tell you really love your mother. I JUST WUV IT!

Thanks Nahjae :)

Thanks Nahjae :)

I agree with Nahjee that

I agree with Nahjee that last sentence really stands out. You did a great job I like the opening also it draws the reader into the story.

good way of starting and

good way of starting and concluding. =] 

Thank u

Thank u