Cyber Bullying: Persuasive Essay

Nahjae 8-310


       One question: Is Cyber Bullying really necessary? Uh, no! It is possibly the meanest thing to do and it is just not right. But hey, that’s my opinion. Now on to the reasons I feel that way and what other people have to say on the matter. Trust me, there are plenty, and there are many facts to back all of these opinions and statements up.


       Here are some Pros on the matter of Cyber Bullying and its effects on  people, mostly teens. One Pro of Cyber Bullying is that many consider it fun to do. According to, many people think that the bullies are innocent and meant no harm. Also, many people think they are just stating their opinion and, simply, “telling the TRUTH”! Another is that it supposedly makes you feel more dominant and gives you more power over the victims of your Bully tirades and whatnot. Ha, whatever.

       Now onto the Cons of this subject, which I back up completely, but hey, that’s another paragraph. One Con of Cyber Bullying is that it may not be entirely funny to whoever you said it to and his/her relatives. Also, it can seriously hurt people and (hey a fact!) causes 80% of most suicides. In some cases, the victims have low self-esteem and have severe cases of depression. Studies show (a faaaaact!) that 70% of teens have depression caused by Cyber Bullying. What a shame.


     Finally! My OWN opinions! I believe that Cyber Bullying is a seriously suckish thing and should be illegal in EVERY country, all around the world. If it is, I’m extremely happy about that. Some reasons why I feel this way are because it really hurts people and causes extreme problems in the victim’s life. Also, dude, imagine how the person your bullying feels. I am pretty sure you would hate it if someone called you fat, stupid, ugly & dumb. Some kids actually get told that they don’t even deserve to live! Now that’s just wrong! I went to a website called andit actually said (listen, it’s a faaaaact!) that 75% of teens and young adults develop low self-esteem and(fact! fact!) 58% of those low self-esteem kids commit suicide and leave their parents and relatives heart-broken over the fact that this loved one is never coming back. It is just not fair.


This topic is a very strong one and the sad thing about it is most kids don’t even know they’re a cyber-bully. Listen, every little thing that you say is classified as something. Even if you say you didn’t mean it, the person you said it too doesn’t know that and may take it the wrong way. Bottom line, you have to watch what you say. It’s on the internet, it is NEVER going away! So many young kids die because of cyber bullying and it’s just not right. I just hope Cyber Bullying ends before our entire teenage society dies out. Hopefully, something will be done to stop Cyber Bullying once and for all.

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This is amazing and it's

This is amazing and it's absolutly true i know because it has happen to me so i know where you're coming from and once again this peice is amazing

awwww thanks so much

awwww thanks so much Emily:) 

Any time Nahjae

Any time Nahjae

Very well organized. Thank

Very well organized. Thank you for updating with the FACTS.

I already know those facts

I already know those facts are reliable. Why? Simple, I have a low-self esteem myself. But I wouldn't really call it low self esteem. Instead, I'd call it 


Nah, just kidding... but on a more serious note, Great Job with the facts and the overall presentation. But the parenthesis should be used to inform on a side note, rather than pointing out the obvious. Not all of us readers are oblivious.