Mya's Terrible Loss and Great Victory


     It was a dark and rainy day. Mya was sitting in her room depressed. She watched the rain pour as tears ran down her face. Her parents (Jessica Johnson and Eric Thompson) tried to figure out what was wrong. She just wouldn’t tell.


     Later that day, she admitted that she was still upset about her grandfather’s death. He died saving his wife. She needed a kidney transplant to live, and he figured since he was only 96 that he could let her have his kidney. He died two hours later. Everyone sobbed frequently for two weeks and it had been one month. “I know you miss him sweetheart, we all do but, it’s time for you to move on” her mom said.


     Later, she realized what her mom said and followed those words. Now her new obsession was she wanted to have superpowers. She wanted to have the ability to transform into anything she desired. In that month she went on a class trip to a toxic waste factory. She entered a room that she wasn’t supposed to and got those powers.


     Now she uses her powers for everything. When they did a remake of High School Musical she transformed into Vanessa Hudgens to get into it. Everyone thought that they were working with a real star. She then became popular.


     Mya is now officially living the dream. She is popular, she has superpowers, and she has gotten over the very thing that held her back from doing everything. Even though now and then she gets sad, she keeps her head up. She is now known as Mya the Transformer.

 By: Yamiah Jackson