Moving on to Something New


It was the year of 2010, and I was a senior in the fifth grade. I thought I wasn’t passing but there was only one-way to find out. I decided that I was going to sneak out of lunch to go to my classroom and talk to my teacher. It was hard to sneak out because a lot of guards were standing around. “Sheesh,” I thought. Eventually I thought of an idea. I went up to the guards and mumbled, “ I left my pencil in my classroom; may I go get it?” “ No!” the guard shouted. I looked at him with a mean face. I then ran up the stairs to my classroom with two guards chasing after me. When I made it in my classroom I shouted, “I need to talk to my teacher.” Ms. Kuritzky asked me what happened. I told her about the guards chasing me. “ Wow,” she giggled. Finally I asked, “Am I passing the fifth grade?” Ms. Kuritzky looked at me and smiled. “Yes, sweetie, you are,” I smiled and went back to lunch. As I walked back to lunch all I could think about was how I could tell my mom.

            The end of the day finally came and I was ready to tell my mom. I walked in the door smiling. She asked why was I so happy. I told her that I was going to graduation, prom and senior trip. My mom got so excited. “We will get your dress soon,“ she said with excitement.

            It was almost June and I didn’t have a dress. I was getting worried. I told my mom I was still waiting. She mentioned that tomorrow she would get a dress. The next day when I got dismissed from school, I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up. She finally came and we went to Fordham. Many stores had ugly dresses. “How about that one?” my mom asked. I saw all the beautiful dresses and fell in love. My mom and I walked n the store with our eyes all over. All different color dresses filled the store. Then all of a sudden, I saw a beautiful beige dress. It was beige and had a little bow at the side. “This one!” I shouted. My mom asked me if I wanted another dress for prom.  I said "yes".She then saw a nice black and white dress. We bought it.

            Graduation finally came, and I was nervous. I had my dress on ready to leave my house. Finally, I got to the school and saw my friends. We walked to our classroom together. When I got to my classroom, my teacher almost cried. She was so happy. Eventually we walked down to the auditorium. A lot of people and parents were all around the auditorium.  I had butterflies in my stomach. I walked down the side of the auditorium. When I got to my seat, we looked at a video of pictures of the senior trip and other fun days we had at P.S.85. My friends started crying, and I was laughing at them. I realized one day we will meet up again, but its time to move on to something new.


Nice memoir sis :)

Nice memoir sis :)

I love your memoirand you

I love your memoirand you know I love you your my sister.