The Twenty-Four Hour Rampage!


           One day when I was bored at home because I had nothing to do. I was the only person in my house. My brothers were at New Jersey for the day. Then an idea struck me; it was to play on my PS3. I was playing my favorite game called Final Fantasy XIII for about eight hours.


            At the end of the eight hours I heard my mom coming in. My mom said shouting, "Turn that off and go to sleep!" I did it but only for about thirty minutes! After the thirty minutes, I wet a towel and put it around my PS3. Eventually, I started playing again.


            At the 20-hour mark my mom started to wake up! I stopped playing and faked me doing my homework. Since I didn't actually have homework I faked for one minute. I told my mom all I had was a small worksheet, for homework. After three and a half hours my eyes started to hurt. At that time I stopped playing. Soon my mom found the towel on my PS3. She then found out and screamed at me. I then learned that I cant play for that long.


About the author-


            This author likes to play video games. But he also pays attention in school. He likes RPG’s and science. He loves science most of all. He may seem like a person who doesn’t like school but he is both of those. He also likes to read a good book, but he is very picky about his books.  He’s kind of a know-it-all in science.