Bye Bye Stage Fright


I was in my first period class, I was in class 4 -104.  Everyone was reading; the room was quiet, but the CD player poured out The Beatles.  I was bored the same routine day after day.  I thought 4th grade would be fun but the only fun things were drama class and gym.  The speaker went on and the music was blocked by announcements and the pledge of allegiance.  When I thought it was over I heard, "Drama club report to the auditorium."  Quickly I packed and made a quick zig zag zoom through the rug and out of the room.  I made my way to the auditorium; I met with other drama club members.  Ms.Karpel, our drama teacher was already there.  She told us that the play was moved to today and two other days.  I was so happy I worked so hard to remember my lines.  She told us to rehearse through the play two times and then a fast run through.  Everything ran through smoothly.

            We finished rehearsal quickly with time to spare.  It was 30 min. before the play, and we fooled around, ran like crazy maniacs up and down the auditorium.  We made funny faces, jumped up and down like, monkeys to let our nervousness out.  We talked and talked making Ms.Karpel dizzy.  After, she had enough she said loudly, "Wow, you guys are very nervous," she walked to the front of the auditorium, " Ok, settle down my little nerve wrecks."  We pushed each other on our way to sit.  We talked to each other; I asked Ms.Karpel, "How many people will see the play today?"  "The yellow floor, and the kindergarteners, with some teachers and parents." Ms.Karpel answered. I knew that was so much, I pretended to think it was little.  I started to doubt myself, I asked myself, "Can I quit?" "Can I say I'm sick and go to the nurse?" I knew I couldn't.  No one was there that knew my lines.  Ms.Karpel needed me, I would be called scaredy cat.  I thought and thought and then MsKarpel said, "Ten more minutes to the play!"

            My part came and went so quickly.  I didn't even realize that people were watching me.  I started to realize that I loved being on stage; it was like nothing that I ever did before.  I loved the stage, when I finished my part I was laughing at the funny parts of the play.  I learned not to trust that someone is always going to be there when you need help.

About the Author:

            Citlali is a seventh grader at Jonas Bronck Academy. She loves to read and learn. She chose to write this memoir because it was something that she remembers the most. She would like to be a scientist or a philosopher. Two of her favorite subjects in school are math and science. She is in the ENLACE program for Latino middle school student that have high grades. 



I liked it and your welcome!

I liked it and your welcome!