Summer Fun


I woke up on a bright, humid summer morning. As I waddled to the bathroom, my mom stopped me in my tracks. I thought to myself if I did anything wrong recently. Then I heard some of the greatest news I've heard all summer. "We are going to Downey Park soon" she whispers trying not to wake anyone up. With the little energy I had in me, I jumped around quietly with excitement. I went to my room, threw on the first outfit I saw, and headed out the door to tell all my friends.

  Once we arrived, I got even more excited than I already was. Everything looked and sounded so alive! The loud rumbles from the coasters. I could hear the excited but scared screams of the people riding the coasters. Hyper kids running around like little demons. And the smell swirled and danced in my nostrils. It smelled like popcorn, corndogs, cotton candy, and many other delicious foods. If my parents weren't there, I would act just like those other kids. I knew that this might be one of the best days of my life. First, I got on so many rides even though I would vomit on almost all of them. Next, I ate everything I could. All the foods I wouldn't eat on the daily basis. I was going to get all the fun I could out of that trip.

Eventually, we had to leave and I was ready to pass out. All the fun and excitement I had wore me out. As I sat in the car on our way home, I realized that I learned something. I learned that there's more things to do then sit in front of a video games or computer all day. My eyes flickered a couple of times before they eventually shut. I wound up falling asleep with a huge smile on my face. That WAS one of the best days of my life.

 About the author:

            Aaron is a 12-year-old boy living in the Bronx. This memoir was written while he was attending JBA in the 7th grade. On his free time, he enjoys playing video games, playing sports such as football, and hanging out with his friends. He wrote this memoir because it's a great memory that taught him a very helpful lesson.