Smoking is Deadly


          “There is something wrong with my husband,” my aunt yelled as she opened my parent’s bedroom door.  I heard my parents going down stairs really fast, so I woke up and followed them because I knew something was wrong.  I knew something was wrong because it was early in the morning and my parents would never be up that early.  When I went down stairs my uncle was on the floor.  He told us his chest was hurting really bad.  Next, I stated asking my self “Why is his chest hurting?”


            He was having a heart attack!  My aunt’s hands were shaking while calling the ambulance while saying, ”Help, my husband is having a heart attack.  ”Why would he have a heart attack when he is only 48 years old,” I started to ask myself.  After a while, the ambulance came.  The police stared telling my uncle that his heart is dying.  He also told my uncle that he is dying in front of all the children.  Boy, wasn’t that a good idea!

                         My uncle went to Montefiore Hospital.  He was there for three days.  He was in the CCU section.  He had a heart attack because he kept on smoking.  He also had high cholesterol.  I learned to never smoke in my life.  I also learned to never try to smoke in my entire life!

About the Author:


            This authors name is Reem.  She goes to school at Jonas Bronk Academy.  Reem is a 7th grader.  She wrote this memoir because she will never forget that moment that happened in her life.  Reem loves to swim.  Her favorite subjects in school are science and math. 



kinda short but there is a

kinda short but there is a mistake at the second paragraph!

That is a good memoir.

That is a good memoir. Everyday, I see people smoke. This memoir was a great way to show that smoking is illegal.