My Great Grandmother's Death



“Naya,” my mom said quietly.  “Tata isn’t doing too good, and we need to go see her soon,” mom said gently. Suddenly my great grandmother wasn’t doing to well and ended up in the hospital.  When I got permission to see her, she was very swollen. This had my family and I worried. We didn’t know if Tata felt pain or was in pain because of her last stroke.  When this happened, it was very difficult to communicate with her. I over heard the doctors mention to my mother that, she was very weak at the time. The question that popped up in my head was, “Is she going to make it?”

The moment I will never forget was when I held Tata’s hand. When I held her hand they felt fat which meant that they were swollen. I felt like this was going to be the last time holding her hand.  I always imagined my great grandmother also known as Tata my nickname to her, picking me up from school and going down stairs to see her. I guess this wasn’t a dream that was going to come true.

When my family and I were in her room, an alarm went off. “What was this noise,” we thought to ourselves.  Suddenly her eyes opened for the last time. We all knew that she had passed away. From this moment on I learned that taking care of yourself is very important. 


This was a very sad memoir.

This was a very sad memoir. It reminds me of my great aunt because she died in Santo Domingo, and she makes me arepa. The last time I saw her was in '04. I still miss her. 

 Good writing .

 Good writing .