The Bike Rider



            When I went to my friend Jason's house to celebrate his first communion.  I was happy and angry, because it was a hot day I castle hill.  After church we went to Jason's house, he asked me to take his bike if I get bored.  At around 1:05 I took the bike.  My mom said, " To take my brother for safety reasons".  After going out side to the sidewalk my brother gave me the look of hard work and stress. After fifteen minutes I gave up.  My brother was mad and stressed out cause of me.  As I took my last chance of riding I got to the bottom of he hill safety but making the turn was when I banged on a stop sign.  I banged my head on the pole and my finger turned out to be swollen.  It was not that serious but I couldn't ride the bike for a period of time.  I was mad, happy and disappointed in myself. 

            While I was angry I realized that I was riding a bike for the first time.  I was so proud of myself.  I thought to my self "I know what I have to do ". I went out side to look for the bike.  When I was ready I started to ride the bike in the high way and hill with very fast speed.  I felt in indestructible and as light as a feather. 

          When I was finished I went to my mom and was really hype to tell her and my friends I know how to ride a bike even thou it was kind of embarrassing for me.   I learned to never give up on myself and always be confident in what I do .I was happy to know that I learned how to ride a bike by my self, in front of my friends house.  I felt sad to know that every body thinks that I can't ride a bike like most eleven year olds. I was ashamed to and embarrassed to admit to my friends that I just learned how to ride a bike.