From Bad To Good!


 Last year when the Call Of Duty game came out, I decided to go to Game Stop with my parents. Hi I'm twelve years old and I'm in the seventh grade. When I was walking home from school the game on the Game Stop window when I asked for it. Later, I told my parents about it when a deal came a bout. I had to get good grades. I felt kind of angry because I thought it was only a game!

          It was afterschool when I went home I smelled the diner my mom was cooking then , I asked her a question. I saw the look in her eyes. She thought something was wrong. Meanwhile, I asked if I can get the new Call Of Duty game. Finally, my mom said calmly, "If you want the game then you need to get good grades." I sat down getting ready to eat. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy time for me. 

          I finally got the game! So after a lot of hard work you get what you asked for.



Your writing was great!

Your writing was great!