Important things in life


          In a very cold Saturday in 2008. My dad was   talking   with my mom in the   kitchen of my house, they were talking about that my mom felt a pain in her stomach. My dad told her "maybe it's a cold ". Eventually   a week passed and my mom started   to complain that her   pain was   getting bigger and that   little thing's were coming out and it was speeding in her stomach. My dad I   was getting worried. Meanwhile, my mom was having a conversation   with my   grandma about what she can do. My mom tried everything and my family was getting worried about what could happen with my mom.

           Another week passed and it was Sunday morning. My mom was making breakfast. My mom, my dad, two siblings and my two uncles and I were in the kitchen and my mom was feeling sick. She was dizzy and she fainted then we all got scared, so my dad and I took her to the room we went fast and laid her in the bed. I t was so worried and sad because my mom could not do nothing with us.

           Later that day my mom was in the hospital.  I felt to lonely. I did not see my mom for a week.  My dad   told   me in an exited voice that my mom was getting better, but the doctor needed to do an operation. I felt so scared that something could go wrong.

          In conclusion, everything went well my mom was getting better with her health. Soon, she will come home.  Days passed, and later that week I was so happy that she came back.  My life changed when I saw my mom enter the door and hug my siblings and me. I appreciate what I have today, like my mom and my family and everybody around me.