The Beginning Of A New Friendship


Do you have mixed feelings about the first day of school?  The day that every kid in the city goes into a newly waxed building with the aroma of recently sharpened pencils and fresh notebooks.  I walked into the Bronx New School, P.S. 51.  Inside, I tried to walk nonchalantly into the cafeteria.  But when I saw my friends, I immediately ran over to them.  We started to talk about what we did over the summer.  Eventually, my new teacher came to pick us up.

       His name is Kevin.  He is Chinese-American, and in his late twenties to early thirties.  As he walked the class up the stairs, it was a silent as the middle of nowhere.  We were all nervous.  We had never had Kevin as a teacher before, and the feeling lingered in the air, going in and out of our lungs.  When we were all seated on the rug, coats and book bags in the closet, he spoke, “Good morning class,” Kevin greeted us with a big smile.  “I’m your fourth grade teacher.” He brushed a hand through his short, spiky, black hair, which would later become our pet peeve.  He told us to move to the edge of the big, blue rug, so that we could all see each other.  Then he said, “Now, starting with this young man, what’s your name?” He asked the boy on his right. The boy had been in my kindergarten and first grade class, a troublemaker. “Devinaire.” The boy said quietly. We could hardly hear him, “Thanks Devinaire!” Kevin replied, “So, you will say your name, of course, and then say two truths, and a lie. Your new classmates will have to guess which is the lie.” We all liked this game.  We played for fifteen minutes, but it felt like five.

       Then we were given a choice of seat. I went to sit in a seat near the closet.  A girl named Kennedy sat on my left, and a girl named Maylene sat on my right. We immediately started talking about the truths and lies we had said during the game. I had seen them the years before; they were in the other class. But I was never really friends with them.  We talked about what we did over the summer, and who we missed from last year. Also, we talked about what we liked to do: hobbies, favorite colors, and sports we like.  As we began to work together even more, we eventually became best friends, getting closer as the years went by. We passed through fourth and fifth grade, graduating together. What a coincidence, we all we accepted to Jonas Bronck Academy. Even through tough situations based on gossip we found a way to overcome the drama and stick together, despite being in different classes. I had lost friends that I’d had since Kindergarten, but I guess that’s life. Old friends can go, new friends too. But no matter when you meet, your friendship can be just as strong

About the Author:

      Alex is twelve years old. She was born in the Bronx, New York, on May 24th, 1999, on a Thursday afternoon. She is currently still a resident of the Bronx. She lives with her mother, father, two sisters, and chinchillas. She loves animals, and is a member of the ASPCA. She hopes to attend High School of Fashion Industries and become a fashion designer. She is an excellent tennis player and Irish dancer. One of her main goals is to dance in the World’s (World Championships of Irish dance), and have her own fashion line.