“Tulio ,Pooke what should we do now I don’t know “.  So then Pooke told us we should take a walk.  So also what I did is I took some sodas and then we started walking down.  First we started drinking soda also since it was dark and we didn’t bring flashlights Tulio tripped and fell in what we hoped was mud. After that we went to the bathroom and I went to pee and my cousin Tulio was washing his face.


            Meanwhile we heard some screaming after that Tulio went to go check it out after that I heard lots of more screaming and since Tulio left with his phone with light it was completely dark.  So what I did is go outside.



            Next when I went out there was some rustling in the bushes and there was more till something jumped out and started growling and were we were at there was known to be some animals but then I heard laughing then I had found out it was my cousin and kicked him then I had found Tulio in a tree and threw a football at him which hit him and he fell of the little tree and I got them back by painting there faces I learned not to trust them.  They got really mad and to add I send them the pictures I took.





            About the author:




                  Nicholas  was born in the Bronx but is Pureto Rican.  And what he likes to do in his free time is sleep and play video games for example black ops. He is a fun crazy spirit and this is just one of many stories he haves.



Why did you throw a footbal

Why did you throw a footbal at him and many mitakes!