The Game


     Eventuality it was afternoon and I only had two more periods to go before I had to leave school.  My friend Johnny came up to me and whispered to me if I heard about the new game Grand Thief Auto IV.  I mumbled no then Johnny told me it’s a cool game, that I have.  It comes with 3 disc, The Balled Of Gay Tony, Lost and the Dammed, and Niko Bellic.  I was on the corner of the street that I live on, so I mentioned to Johnny I’m going to try and convince my mom to buy e the game.

     After that I went to my mom’s room and shouted Hello mom, Meanwhile I asked her quietly could you buy me a new game? In a normal voice my mom announced me, how much does it cost?’’ I commented around fifty-sixty dollars.  My mom yelled ‘No!’ I asked my mom why not, she said a game is just a waste of money by the time a new game comes out this one will go bye bye.  Then I got mad and I screamed at my mom and slammed the door.  I was so angry that my mom didn’t understand how badly I wanted this game.

     In conclusion, The lesson I learn is that you don’t earn anything by screaming or being rude.  It just makes it worst.  What hit me that made me feel that the is my lesson is that the first time I scream at my mom and saw that she was crying and sad because how I reacted to her.            



I am a twelve year old boy.  My name is Oscar and I am Mexican. What I like to do for fun is to play soccer, listen to music and to play video games. I have an education at Jonas Bronck Acadamy.  I been in this school for two years I am a 7’th grader. My favorite teacher is Ms.Rivera she is my social studies teacher.



I like your memoir and I

I like your memoir and I like how you began your Introduction