Lights, Camera, Stage Fright


It was the middle of 5th grade, all of us were anxious to graduate elementary school and go to 6th grade. As we gathered around our Theatre Teacher, she looked down at the floor, as if preparing herself for what she was going to say. Although she had not told us yet, we all knew what she was going to say. “ From tomorrow and so on we will begin working on your 5th grade production, The Music Man. “ she announced. We all sighed and grunted. Nobody wanted to be in this play.  Not even I did, my fear of stage fright was the only thing holding me back. Hopefully I won’t get a part and end up working backstage.

            “Not everyone is going to get a part in the play and that’s ok. At the end of the say you all are very talented children.” She told us. We all waited impatiently for her to start announcing whom each character was. Name after name I waited even though with my so called “talent” that I would never get a part. “ And Amaryllis will be played by Kacey, congratulations.” My jaw dropped. Hands shaking I finally managed to get up and receive my script. When I sat down, I quickly skimmed thought my lines and came across a duet. I breathed in accepting the fact that I was going to have to sing in front of hundreds of people.

            “STOP! Do it again but this time better.” My teacher yelled. We were practicing our lines, each of us flaunting around the stage in silly costumes. When the clock struck 5, we all sat impatiently backstage. I sat with my friends, anticipating the moment I would step foot on stage. The smell of fresh paint and coats lingered around me. “Calm down” my theatre teacher said “ You’ll do fine!” Finally, it was time for me to get on stage; I stood still starring at the red silky curtain. The curtain flew up as the crowd silenced, every eyeball in the room starring at me. The bright spotlight hit me smack in the face. Closing my eyes, I managed to say my lines. I played around with my lines and eve got a few laughs out of the crowd, I grinned. That day I realized that acting was pretty fun. All I had to do was believe in myself. Although it’s always good to be serious when working but always remember to make the best out every situation.


About the Author: Current scholar at Jonas Bronck Academy, Kacey is a 12 year old girl who lives in Bronx, New York. Her favorite animal is a penguin and enjoys doing or having anything involving penguins. On her free time she enjoys either laying down all day and watching TV or going out with friends. Kacey comes home everyday to a 5 year old dog who she has had since she was 8. After having her 5th grade play, Kacey seeks a career in acting. Although Kacey loves watching TV, it would be likely of her to pick up a book and read. Her favorite book is “Dear Jo” by Christina Kilbourne.


Hey Kacey I remember

Hey Kacey I remember this!!!!! " Amaryllis"