The Horrible Earthquake


It was a normal sunny day in the summer.  My aunt and baby cousin were staying over.  A full house with my mom, dad, aunt, and baby Michael.  This was going to be very interesting.  Later on, we planned on going to the mall by car. We started to get ready to go.

Everyone else was taking pictures in the living room.  I went to the bathroom to fix my hair, keeping the door open.  Meanwhile, I heard a big commotion.  It was my aunt screaming, “We’re having an earthquake!”  I felt shaking and started to feel dizzy and uncomfortable.  I sloppily put my hair up and ran to the other room.  I picked up my baby cousin and ran out the door of our apartment, going into the elevator.  My family and I were terrified to be in there.  It kept stopping on different floors while bunches of people, holding their children, were panicking.


Finally the elevator took us to the lobby.  I carried him out the building and quickly walked to my aunt’s parked car. I opened the car myself with her keys while the rest of them put stuff in the trunk. When the baby was safe and sound in his car seat, everybody got in and we drove off.


                               About the author


The authors name is Savannah and she is twelve years old. She was born on the last day of July and is in the seventh grade. She enjoys listening to all types of music and being with her friends. Savannah also loves to write and loves having fun. Her baby cousin Michael is currently 1 year old.