Good Day To Get Paid




            I just finished school and I’m on the bus, I overheard a conversation on a new game. I heard the boy; he whispered, “This game is based on a war” I thought “how interesting”. I decided that I should use my birthday money to buy the game. I left to GameStop to buy the game “Call Of Duty”. On my way to the store I saw a green paper floating in the air, I kept on walking because it didn’t look interesting.


             I kept on walking and it followed me. I decided to grab it and push it away. After I grabbed it, I open my hand and thought to myself “I am the luckiest person in the world”. I left home forgetting about the game. I got there and showed my brother a hundred dollar bill. In conclusion, the lesson that I learned from this experience was to always pay attention to your surroundings.



                                                    About the Author


My name is Bryan, I was born in Bronx and lived here since. I was born on October 21,1998. This memoir is my first memoir that I have published online. I’ve only been an author since the 6th grade. I am the middle child of all my brothers and sister. I decided to write about this memoir because I thought it was a very interesting topic to write about .