Hard Work Get You Rewarded


I came home from being with my dad on Sunday I gave my mom my progress report. I had a sixty-five on social studies. Next my mom took my I-pod touch, dsi and other systems and could not get back until the last day of school with if I pass with eighty-fives and above. I worked everyday as much gave one hundred percent I had to do that for about two and a half months. On the last day of school I had lots of fun in advisory then Mr. Williams gave me my report card and I got eighty-fives and above I knew succeed I thought that's I can get my 3ds.

I told my mom when I walked with her that I got eighty-fives she checked my report card smiling she said "lets go to BestBuy." I walked up there with so much excitement go to the game section and seeing all the 3ds games racked up all in one area. There were two colors to choose there was Aqua blue and Cosmo black I chose Cosmo black since I thought it looked better. Now choosing the 3ds game was the hardest since there was a lot of interesting stuff out at the time. There was Super street fighter four, Ghost recon, Frogger 3d Tetris axis and dream trigger ocarina of time 3d ridge racer Blaze blue Lego star wars three the clone wars pilot wings. I chose ocarina of time 3d since I played the original Nintendo sixty-four version I walked quickly to the cashier and I said "how much?" then my mom paid for the 3ds and the game we walked home and played it at home.

About the author:

Jonathan is a gamer that liked to play all types of games. He enjoys movies and reading books. He likes to read books that have series like Harry Potter and Diary of a wimpy kid. He wrote this memoir to show that he worked hard to get what he thought would be good to get. He worked for months just for his family to be proud and in the end he got something he didn't think he would get.