The water was hitting me, but I couldn’t breathe. It was a beautiful morning in salcedo, tenares, in Dominican Republican. My mom told me that the whole family was going to the water park, with my cousins. I always looked up to my cousins, and I always wanted to be like them.           

Later that day we were at the water park and everyone went to the kiddies’ pool, which I loved. I started following my cousins and doing everything they did. My cousins wondered off to the adult’s pool and I followed them. While walking they said to each other with a smile “It would be awesome if someone would jump off the diving board”. I overheard them.

 With a blink of an eye I was at the top of the diving board. The lifeguard asked me if I could swim. I lied and replied no with a slightly confused face.

I didn’t know what swimming meant. I looked down and all I could see is dark water. I got scared so I climbed down the diving board and went to get a soda.

While I was drinking my soda, it came to mind that I could jump in the pool, and that I was brave.

Eventually, I climbed back up to the top of the diving board. I breathed deeply. I saw over a distance my cousins having fun in the pool, so I decided to jump to where they were. I closed my eyes and jumped in. I scram while I was jumping in. I felt the air hitting me in a matter of no time, and suddenly, I hit the water. My cousins saw me drop into the water with a look of amazement. I tried to open my eyes all I saw was a black screen. I thought to my self that the bad spirits were taking them with me. I was running out of air. So I tried to breathe in, that’s when I realized that I was drowning.

I started to blow out the water to produce bubbles. The lifeguard saw it and came to rescue me. My cousins didn’t know it was me who jumped off the diving board. When they saw me, they were surprised that I had the guts to do that. When I went to my mom I told her what happened, she wasn’t able to hear me so I didn’t bother to tell her again.

That day was the worst day of my life. I learned that you’ve got to know what you’re getting into. Don’t be a follower.  Be a leader.Kascada park




Lisander Lopez is a 12 year old kid. He enjoys video games a ton. He makes commentary’s and lets play’s. He loves to code visual basic and he is learning php and html.  He loves music but not English raps. 


This is a nice memoir.

This is a nice memoir.