The Change of A Friend


          You know those people that you don’t like right of the bat? Well it happened to me with a girl named Alex. It all started in a big red school in fourth through fifth grade. I had my friends that I would be with twenty-four seven. For example I would be with Hannah, Kennedy, Shuzel and Kacey, my “Besties.” During my ending years in school there was a lot of drama…. And rumors. Alex and me were in the same class but we didn’t talk, and if we did talk we only talked for about fifteen minutes. The rumors that I would hear would ALWAYS be about Alex and trust me they weren’t good ones. So I listened to the rumors and didn’t like her at all. I know don’t judge someone till you really know them but hey I was ten years old. In fifth grade I wanted to go to Jonas Bronck Academy and follow my sisters foot steps, great news I got in to Jonas Bronck Academy. It actually turned out that Alex and me were in the dame class together In sixth grade Alex was in class 603 and I was in class 604 so me and Alex didn’t talk for almost that whole year.
          All of a sudden I found myself in the first day of seventh grade. My advisor Ms.Gardner, was announcing who was in each class. Ms.Gardner had gotten to me and mentioned, “Maylene class 701” she also mentioned “Alex class 701.” That was the time I found out that Alex and I would be in the same class together. I have to admit I was kind of happy to have someone from my old school in the same class. That same day we got to ELA and Ms.Dedaj was announcing who was sitting in what table. Ms.Dedaj announced, “Maylene, Alex, Valeria, Tyler and Jennifer you guys are sitting together.” That whole time Alex and I talked the whole time during ELA you would also hear us giggling in class. Once we got out of ELA we had to go straight to science, Alex would even wait for me after class! Every single day that passed Alex and I sat together. We would sit together and talk the entire time during class. Not only did we talk during ELA but we would talk during all of our class.
         Alex and I talked more and more each day that passed we grew closer and closer. Every time you would see Alex or me we would be with each other. At the end of the day I realized that Alex and I became really close friends and that I had let myself fall for the rumors, which really weren’t true.  I also learned a lesson which was not to judge people and get to know them, also don’t listen to what other people say…life is made to meet new people also give people a chance to see if you can actually be friends with them and see if the rumors aren’t true. Even though it took me years to notice a good friend I’m proud that I noticed her.
         The authors name is Maylene she goes to school in Jonas Bronck Academy. She lives in the Bronx and is twelve years old. Her favorite sports are basketball, kickball or baseball She also likes ballet. Maylene is in seventh grade in her second semester. What the inspiration of this memoir is Alex and what rumors can do to you if you actually believe them you can lose a friend because of rumors but you can recover a friend by trying to fight the rumors, which is even more important.