Monday Night Stage Fright


Have you ever been in a play?  To be specific your first play.   The day was Friday I was picked to be a Constable Lock (Sheriff) in my 5th grade production of the music man in a school called P.S 51.  This was only for 5th grade seniors.   A lot of people had been given awesome parts in the play like being a mayor or the main character’s friend.  I had a very important part because I was the one who starts the play.  By chasing the main character Harold Hill and he is on the run in an Iowa town.

              After we ha pick the parts for the play, “The Music Man”.  My class had started to watch the movie about the play my class was able to finish the movie in 3 days.  The movie music man was shown to us to give a little taste of how the play was going to look like and be about.   After my class watch the movie we began to rehearse without costumes.  When it came to rehearsing it was   very difficult for me at that time because I could not mesmerize my lines.  Eventually after weeks of rehearsing I finally mesmerize my lines and I was ready for the play.   Meanwhile costumes were being made for us.  I was excited when I saw mine costumes because it looked like a real old Sheriff costume from the 1920’s.  

  Today was the day for the play I was kind of nervous but I tried to get the nervous out.  All the 5th graders went to Lehman College where the play was held. Everyone got in there positions.  “I was ready”, I whispered to myself. I had gone running on to the stage chasing Harold Hill the bad guy.  I ran quickly back stage I look at the script one more time to see that I was three scenes behind to my next appearance.After the three scenes it was time for me to go back on to the stage.  I had gotten stage fright.  I forgot some of my lines I went on to the stage anyway and said my lines I knew But then the lines I had to say, I forgot but my theater teacher whispered to me, “Who set that firecracker?” “Tommy (I shouted)”.  I repeated the lines, “Who set that firecracker?”  ”Tommy  (I shouted)” and the show went on and I said the rest of the lines perfectly.               

From my first play in 5th grade it was fun.  Also from this play I learned a lesson and from that lesson I changed.  I learned that it’s ok to have stage fright just try your best to get it out.  I have changed because now I’m less nervous.  My memorable moment is how I got my lesson and my change.

About the Author: My name is Jamal I was born in the Bronx I was born on 7,1999.  I am the youngest in my family.  This is my first memoir to be published online. I’m a person that really likes to write ever since I was in first grade. I wrote my memoir because this is my first play and I think I learned a wonderful lesson.