"So do you hate him, yes or no?" he exclaimed.    He was my best friend, but not any more, although I still remember what happened that day in the sixth grade.  I remember it as if it were yesterday. My friend was asking me questions, and eventually, we started to tell each other that we hated each other.  My friend was asking me questions about one of my other best friends, which really upset me because I wasn't going to tell my friend's secret.  Suddenly, it started to get serious because he was asking me personal questions about one of my other friends. I felt really angry and sad at the same time.                                                            

          However, I still lost my best friend when I told him that I hated him.  We never talked to each other. We got into an argument, and he started it.  We were in the lunchroom arguing, and only our friends noticed what was going on.  The things that were being said hurt me a lot, and I still haven't really gotten over it.  I am getting over it little by little.             

          In conclusion, the lesson that I learned was that you can't have a best friend forever even if you love them so much.  One day you will have to let them go.  I had to let this person go, even though it was a hard decision to make.  It is important to keep my friend's secrets because you will be trusted more, and when something happens to you they will help you and be there for you too!