My Annoying Sister


Have you ever been angry with your little sister?  This year in seventh grade, one otherwise boring Friday afternoon, I was just coming home from school.  I walked quickly to my room, so I could start my homework.  Just then I heard a creak in my door.  "Who's there," I thought.  Then my little sister started to open and close the door.  "Stop it," I screamed.  I could feel the blood rushing to my head.  All I could think of was I had so much of my homework I needed to get done.  I got up and slammed the door on my sister's foot.

Next, I opened my door and I didn't hear my sister.  Suddenly, I heard her in my mom's room crying.  "This really hurts," my sister cried.  So I started to walk to my mom's room and saw red liquid oozing on the floor.  I was wondering what that stuff was.  I went in the room, and I realized the red liquid was blood... my sister's blood.  "Why did you do this to me, Tatyana?" my sister screamed.  I was in shock, and I didn't say anything.  The cut was open and my mom was waiting to see if she had to take her to the hospital.

This is when I started to feel sorry.  I felt so sorry that I apologized to my sister.  After that moment, I really learned a lesson.  I learned never to take your anger out on your siblings.  This is a memory I will never forget because it taught me to appreciate my sister.

About the Author


Tatyana is 13 and she goes to Jonas Bronck Academy.  Tatyana is in 7th grade, in class 702.  She loves to draw, but not color, but she is good at it.  Her favorite subject is math, and she also loves to write stories.  She has a little sister and a little brother.  She loves puppies, but she does not like cats.  She has stage fright, she also hates going to the doctor and the dentist.  She loves candy, chocolate.  She loves to play video games with her cousins and her little brother.  She loves when she can go to the park by herself with her best friends.  She loves to be home by herself, but her only chance she can be home by herself is when her mom goes to the grocery store.  She hates getting pimples on her face.  She loves to make new friends.  She loves to do different hairstyles.  When she gets mad she sits in her room by herself, but that does not happen often.  She likes to go to school, but she does not like homework.  Lastly, Tatyana loves her life, but she's not perfect.



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