The FaceBook Drama


                                                                 Have you ever let the anger get the best of you, I was in the sixth grade. me and the girl in my class did not like each other.  We would gossip and make lies about each other.  Eventually in lunch the drama was building up.  Our anger grew and we had an argument.  The argument made me feel like I had to do something about it.  When I was about to leave I yelled out " your stupid and ugly".

                                                                                Later on after school I went home and signed into Facebook.  Suddenly I saw I had one new notification.  I saw that we were both tagged in a picture.  I was feeling like I had to comment. So I did the meanest thing I cursed her out and talked about her.  After I wrote it I felt a sense if relief that I got my anger out.

                                                                                Later on after I wrote the comment I thought nothing was going to happen.  What I didn't notice was I was expected for the worst.  The next day at school I saw her and MR. Soler. Later on that day I was called into the office to find out that I was going to be suspended. While I was doing my suspension I was thinking to myself. I thought that to get though life you cant let your anger get the best of you.




                                           About The Author

Shaqwana is a twelve years old girl. She is a fun girl who loves to party.  The reason she wrote this is because in the sixth grade she went through the worst time in her life. This time made her think twice about what she says to people. After facing this problem she changed, she is even getting higher grades. Now in the seventh grade she and the girl are the best of friends.


I like your memoir.  I like

I like your memoir.  I like gossip, but i don't spread any.