Last summer, my brother and I wanted to go around he block where I lived.  We had bmx bikes that did not have any brakes.  We were starting to go , and then we went.  I saw my brother pick up speed,  so I did too. I saw my brother get tired, so he slowed down.  I kept up my speed.  I was going real fast.  When I saw a car,  I tried to hit the brakes, but I had forgotten that there were none. Then, “BAM!!”  I hit my head on the side view mirror. I looked down and blood was dripping down my leg. I felt very out of character I did not know what to do I was on the floor for a while they thought I was dead until I moved. The guy said “ omg are you ok” I did not answer I just go up and walked home limping.

  My brother grabed me and said “ no where are you going we can not go home”. The doctor said I will end up in the hospital for two whole days. My moms friend had told her what happened and she told my mom what hospital I was in, so my mom rushed over. I was laying in the hospital bed wondering “Why did it have to happen to me?” I was a good kid. My mom was very agitated  at me and my brother. “ Why did you let him get you into doing that he is older much older he knows what to do when this happen”. My mom sighed. She still was glad that I was alive and well.

I learned to pay attention & don’t ride or play anything dangerous . when you do those things you get hurt or some one else does. You’ll regret it.


I like your memoir.

I like your memoir.