Wheres Kastriot?


I was at my aunts house in Gunhill  . I was 12 years old. It was dark and scary outside. There was a full moon  . The cars driving  , busy lights and busy streets. Everyone was having fun. Everyone was drinking, dancing, eating, and singing at the party . My little brother had just turned 2 years old. I noticed my little brother was missing. I looked all over the house for him, I looked in the bedrooms, playroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room . I didn't find him anywhere! I told my mom and she  noticed that the door to the house was open. Then  everybody got up a ran outside to look for him . Me and my family were all screaming and crying out his name. I ran everywhere looking for him! "I literally looked all over Gunhill ! . "


       Then I noticed a hudge family carrying him and walking towards us. When they came I dropped to my knees . They asked if he belonged  to us my family and I shouted "yes !" and took him and hugged/squeezed him. All my sorrowness went away . When I grabbed him in my arms I said "thank you, thank you, thank you so  much . " I was so happy. Then I said with a smile on my face I said "I love you Koti" then with a smile on his face he said "I miss you to Lina !" . Then I started crying even more.


       I  was full of joy . I thanked the people with all my heart. I was crying tears of joy. Right at that moment I learned to always love and care for your loved ones. I thanked god and held my little brother the whole time.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:    Hello my name is Adelina . Im 12 years old. I go to Jonas Bronck Academy in Fordham. Im in the 7th grade. My hobbies are football,  singing, dancing, and playing board games. I love to have partys with my family. I have to brothers and one sister their names are Besnik, Kastriot (Koti) and Bleona. My parents names are Brian and Elvira. I love converse I own 4 pairs. My favorite singer is Adele and my favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite juice/beverage is Gatorade .I  wrote this memoir because it was such a memory. I also wrote this memoir because I learned a hudge lesson that day.