The Fallen Angel


It was a normal day but soon it will become dark and glum.  My younger and older brother and me where fighting on who sits in the front seat of the car.  A few minutes later my mom ended up sitting up front, we were mad.  We arrived at the party a few hours later.  We were having a good time I eventually was talking to my stepbrother for the very first time and the very last time.  Finally, we where on our way home but my stepbrother stayed with his friends.  My dad received a call he wished he never received.


      When we got home my dad was very quiet. Eventually, he told me my mom and brothers that my stepbrother, whom I just saw, died in a motorcycle accident.  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe what I had just heard.  I felt like my world has just ended for me.  I felt a great pain in my chest.  My dad said crying and kneeling "we are going to his funeral on Friday".


      Suddenly, we all had tears dropping to the floor like bombs.  I looked at each one of my brothers and apologized to them for all the fights we ever had.  I gave both my brothers a hug and both my parents too!  A week later we went to a funeral for my stepbrother. One thing I learned while looking down at him in the casket was to never let go of what you love because it will float away and never come back.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Luis is a Jonas Bronck Academy scholar and he is 12 years old.  His brother Jonathan died during the summer of 2011.  Right now he lives in the Bronx, New York and has 2 living brothers and 1 living baby sister.  On his spare time he likes to go on walks, run in the park, and read.  Two of his favorite books are A Child Called It and A Dog's Life.  His parents are from Mexico, but he was born in Bronx, New York.  His favorite place to go is the zoo, movie theaters, and The Botanical Gardens.  He loves to play with his little sister, who is 1 ½.  He has not had a fight with his 16 and 11-year-old brothers since, that day and they will never have a fight again as long as they live.


good memoir

good memoir