My First Fight Ever


When I was in public school 310 in elementary school my fifth grade class went to recess at 12 o'clock.  My 3 friends and me played dodge ball versus six other 4th graders.  We played with 3 basketballs.

One of my friends accidently pulled my new shirt that was given to me as a gift and almost ripped it.  I was so furious because I kept thinking to myself "why was he so close to me and why'd he put his hands on me when we were on the same team".  Then I was up to the point where I didn't know what I was thinking anymore.  I punched him about 5 times in the face and left to go to the bathroom because I didn't want to get into trouble.  I didn't think he would snitch because it was his fault. I thought right but I forgot there were lunch aides with us. We got sent to the principles office for a while until the principle got everything straight between us. I got my "senior trip privileges" taken away and no gym for a week. He just got the "senior trip privileges" taken away from him. 

I learned that I couldn't fight over nothing because it will just lead to me getting in trouble. Also I will have a bad reputation. Not only with teachers but with principles and with students also. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fatlind was born in Skopje Macedonia and is Albanian. He moved to Brooklyn New York at the age of 6 months. After that his family moved to queens then to the Bronx. Since then he has learned English and went to school. He wasn't a troublemaker so he was shocked that he actually got in his first real fist fight. He regretted fighting because it gave him a lot of punishment.