run jay jay run


My bike is a BMX Mongoose bike.Its red with silver and blue designs.  And in the front it has a silver plate with a mongoose flashing its claws.  I got that bike because my old bike got really messed up .It was the most exquisite bike in the world.






Afterwards I went to the park.  I noticed my friends were there so I went to go hang out with them.  Next we started to ride our bikes.When we were riding our bikes my friend got a flat.  So I went to his house to go fix it .I  called his bike cheap because he had just got it .  As we were going to his house a group of teenagers were asking me fore my bike I shouted "NO!"  But I knew they were going to try something.






As I was leaving the park I noticed the teenage group were leaving in the same direction.  At first I didn't know that they were following me.  So I stop and pretended to tie my shoes simutainiously they pretended to look inside a mcdonalds.  So I made a dash for it with sweat dripping down my face racing through the busy streets I made it to the other side. Then I ran into my barbershop while they ran away.




I learned not to take material things so serious.  I also learned not to stay in the park past eight thirty.  The reason is after 8:30 or around that time most of the gangs start coming out and who wants to be around when that happens.  So in conclusion watch who your with and watch your surroundings. 


           About The Author:


My name is Jaylen . My favorite sport is baseball. REDSOX; all day my favorite  baseball team.   CELTICS all day my favorite basketball team.