His Name was Buster



702                                                                                                                Ms. Dedaj


                                                      His Name was Buster



Have you ever had a pet that you loved so dearly? It was around July of 2011, I was 11 at the time and lived in Pennsylvania. I desperately wanted rabbit because I never had one and I always wanted one.  I begged my parents for one for weeks upon weeks just to go to the pet shop and see what kind of rabbits they had. Once my parents finally said yes I cheered and got ready to go. Once we were there I quickly determined the rabbit I wanted. He was a dwarf lion head rabbit witch means he doesn't grow much and has a mane. He's gray with a white nose and short ears.


"Mom, please can I have him?" I begged.


"Well do u promise to take care of him" she spoke with a firm voice.


"YES" I exclaimed.


"Okay, then you can have him" she sighed



            Next went home with my new rabbit in our car. I was so excited when we bought him. Finally we got home and I rushed upstairs with my new rabbit. I set him down and played with him for hours. Before I knew it, it was dark and I had to go to bed. I wished my rabbit good night and went to bed. All of a sudden I felt is if I wad grown mentally, I felt as if I was a father and my rabbit was my son. I woke up and went straight to care for him and then just then, I felt responsible.