The Loved Ones


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to almost lose someone you loved? After 2 months of my father heat attack I still wonder if it can happen again. It was September 25,2011. It was 5:00 am I was sleeping. I heard people screaming and talking. I said to my said to myself "let me wake up and see what's going on." I got up and asked my cousin (reem) "what's going on." She told me "oh my god your father is having a heart attack go downstairs and see him." I ran downstairs and went to the living room I saw hm.

 I saw him not breathing. I felt like the world was ending for me. I realized at that point that I needed to take care of the ones I love. I heard my mom telling me " give me the phone and call 911." Everyone was upset. I hear my little sister telling me "oh my god what's going to happen to him" she cried out. 

I called 911. We were waiting for them. Suddenly we heard the ambulance truck coming. They took him to the bed. My brother and my uncle went with him. Afterwards everyone went back to sleep. I kept on thinking what's going to happen. I felt like the world was ending for me.  Meanwhile at 11:30 am we went to the hospital. I saw him. He was so happy when he saw his kids and his family their. Eventually I realized that I needed to care of the ones I love. 

About the Author:


Ayea is a girl from Palestine.  She is12 years old and enjoys being with her family. She wrote this because to tell people how it was like for seeing one of your parents have a heart attack. She also did this because to teach people to always take care of the ones you love.