The Change Of That Kid



            Have you ever spent your time on focusing on things that are not important?  I was playing to much Xbox 360 than studying.  I would come home and rush thru my homework and run to my Xbox 360.           


            I was focus on this girl named Isis.  I was focusing more on Isis than my work.  I would sit home and daydream about her, and I was not doing my work or studying.



            Over the summer, I decided to focus on school work not females and games. One summer day it was 90 degrees and it was morning, but all of a sudden an idea pop in my brain.  I said, " You know what? forget Isis and games.  I need to focus my work".


            I got good grades in every class. I am going to try and keep this up for the 8th grade and for high school.  I learned that it is important to focus on schoolwork not at girls and video games.  



                     `                    ABOUT ME


Manny was a really strong man he wrote this because he suffer with this problem so he decided to write this so another people wont do the same thing.