Watch Where You're Going!






This is so boring. Why look where you're going when you can look around and daydream and imagine things?  When I go to the mall with my parents I get so bored and I have nothing to do.  At old navy they have footballs, soccer balls and basketballs.  I took the soccer ball to play with it.  I was throwing and kicking the soccer ball and wasn't really focused on the people and things around me. The next time I threw the soccer ball, it started to roll. The rolling ball was pretty fast and I wanted to get it. I'm only looking and focusing on the rolling soccer ball trying to get it. But suddenly...


I accidently hit my fore head against the corner of a table! After that painful hit on my fore head, it's literally cut. Everybody was very worried about me. Especially me thinking that I'm going to die or something. During all of this I said to myself ‘'why didn't I watch where I was going!'' ‘' I guess I had to learn it the hard way'' I whispered to my self. The ambulance comes and by the time we saw the doctor I felt better. The doctor said I will be fine.


To that day I will always watch where I'm going, especially in stores, I don't want that to happen again. When I heard the doctor I was going to be okay I was very happy. I was also not sure what the possibilities were for me getting hurt. So luckily I was still young and didn't really know what was going on. Remember; always watch where you're going!