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All of a sudden my mother asked sobbing, "She died?"   "Yeah, she did," my relative replied.  My other relative responded crying, through the phone line from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  I was in third grade when my parents asked me the question.  I came back from school that day and my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Bolivia for summer vacation.  Since I hadn't remembered my mom side of her family this would have been the perfect opportunity to go to Bolivia.  The only time when I did go to Bolivia was when I was about a year old for about five months but I don't remember the experience.  I if I would of gone to Bolivia my parents wouldn't be going and I would of gone with my four cousins (Yoany, Kayla, Nicole, and Wendy). 
            I didn't want to go to Bolivia without my parents.  I didn't want to go because I did everything with my parents especially with my mom.  I wasn't used to going to places with out my mom.  I felt like I was unsafe, I felt protected around my mom and no one was going to hurt me.  If I did go to Bolivia I wouldn't have made it there with out my mom or cry once I had gotten to Bolivia.
            Later on I thought about my decision of me going to Bolivia or not going.  I had never gone any where with out my mom, so I was kind of sacred to go.  I wanted my mom to go to Bolivia with me but she had to work.  Her bosses didn't let my mom have a vacation because the job was getting busy and they needed her to work since, she was a hard worker.  So the decision I had made that I wasn't going to go to Bolivia without my mom.
            Suddenly a year later had past and I over heard my mom crying on the phone.  "What happen mom?" I asked her.  "Your great grandmother died."  She responded sobbing.  I started to sob with my mom after she told this terrible news.  I felt so depressed, gloomy, joyless, and miserable.  I had imagined my mom feeling the same way except even worse because my great grandmother tokes care of my mom as a child.  My mom and I had sobbed for about an hour until we had no tears left out to cry. 
            Eventually, I had learn throughout this emotional experience was that I should of have gone to Bolivia and take some chances.  I needed to learn to take opportunities even though these opportunities meant I had to leave my parents.  Even though I never met my great grandmother I still feel horrible of having the chance to meet her.  Now I know to take opportunities when they are given.  If I hadn't learn this lesson I would be throwing away an opportune when I am given a chance.


About the Author:

Josephine Melisa was born in Bronx, New York.  She has lived in New York all of her life.  Both of her parents and the whole family is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She also has cat named, Garfield because her cat looks like Garfield the TV cartoon.  Josephine has no siblings and is the only child.  Josephine loves to do swimming and takes competitive swimming classes.  She also loves to do gardening and takes a gardening program on Saturdays.