My Future Life Goal

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   I was home in my living room watching Tv, Thinking about what do I want to do with my life when I get older and graduate high school. At first I wanted to be a video game creator. Eventruelly I also wanted to be a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC. I wanted to do these things because I wanted to be famous for something. I thought about these to things because they were things I liked to do, I liked playing video games and wanted to make the world's Awsome's Video Game!!!!!!! . I thought about being a mixed martial arts UFC fighter because I loved play fighting with my cousins and my brother, and I also wanted to learn kickboxing and Judo.



    After awhile it hit me like running into a stop sign, I remembered when my father told me. My father said becoming those things and doing them aren't as easy as they sound and look. My dad announced! That I had to get better grades them what I have now. He said I had to get into a good high school and stay out of trouble he also said I had to go to collage. My dad said mixed martial arts lessons are a lot of money and collage is like 2,000 dollars.





    In conclusion the next day during social studies, my teacher was talking about collage she said  she spent like 1,000 dollars on collage supplies.  she also had to pay the collage almost 3,000 dollars just to go to the school. She said collage can be free sometimes but only if you get a scholar ship. My teacher also told us how to get scholar ship she said you need to have the best grades on test and state test. I learned that going to collage isn't easy and plus money is hard to make these days , I also learned to be thankful for what I have.


I want to be a ufc fighter

I want to be a ufc fighter to!!!