It was almost the end of the year for 5th grade and kids were yelling and saying freedom and no school.  I remember that Yesterday my mom and dad were planning a family trip to Mexico for the summer.

 Now it is 2:20 and we got out of school.  I was at my house, and we were packing up for tomorrow and getting ready to leave.   All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door.  When I opened it, I saw that it was my cousins at the door.  They came in to say goodbye.  Then after we spent some time together, they left home.  When they left I realized how much I was going to miss them.  So I begged to my dad if I can stay here home because I know how to take care of my self.  Then my mom came back from the store and she heard my dad yelling at me and she said, "What happened?"  I was crying because I remembered how I was going to miss them.  So I said loudly," Can I stay home?" to my mom.  I was begging to stay home with my cousins but then my parents said no.  When I left for Mexico, I was crying.

Then I left to the airport sad and mad.  I realized that I learned that I should give something a try.  Then I had fun in Mexico. 


About the Author:


When I went to Mexico I had fun. But I was pretty hot there. And then every day I will help my mom and my grandma with the garden and the filed. I love my family and I like to help out with family stuff. I made new friends and I learned how to do new things over there. When I came back to New York I told my mom if we can come back next time.