Yankee Stadium Opening


 Have you been in a school that takes you to a baseball stadium?  I was a fourth grader in P.S.56, and there was a Spelling Bee coming up.  For that we needed someone to be a contestant, so we chose Mohamadd to be our contestant for class 4-1.  Afterwards, we walked down to the auditorium, the teachers were judging the contestants.  The principal announced the winners of the Spelling Bee.  Mohamadd won the Spelling Bee.  The prize of the Spelling Bee was to take his class to the New Yankee Stadium.  Meanwhile, it was April and it's time to go to the Yankee Stadium.  We took the school bus to go there.

When we finally arrived, the outside looked like a castle.  The best part was that we get to keep our tickets.  There were so many people on the seats. Inside, we saw trophies and baseball equipment. They even had an indoor resturaunt, "This day just keep getting better and better", I mumbled in my mind.  When we we're going to the high seats I felt that the bunk was about to break and fall.  There were workers that were setting up the field for the baseball players.  The game was suppose to start at 1:05 p.m.

  The game started and there were baseball players running in the field.  It was to bad that we didn't get to see the game since we have to go back to school.  I've been thinking that I felt that watching that was awesome.  I learned it was cool to watch sports games. Ever since that happened I been playing sports at the park. "That was the best trip I ever had".