My First Game


          When I was 11 I had my first baseball game.  My whole team and I were hype.  On our way to the field we were talking about how we were going to beat the other team.  Later on, we got there and we saw the other team warming up and we noticed that it was going to be a little bit hard to beat them.  Later on, we got ready and the coach give us our jerseys with our numbers on then.  After that, we got on the field.

          Then, we had the field first, so the other team was smacking home runs on us.  After a while we started to get mad because we were losing, but we were lucky and we got them out.  I was ready to bat up, and we were getting our home runs too, but they were just better than us.  It came to the point where we were just down by a lot of points, so we just ended up losing the game.  The team was mad, but we got over it, and the coach got over it.  He told us that next time we were going to win and that winning isn't everything. 

          In conclusion, I learned that winning is not every thing.  Even though we lost that match, I knew there was going to be a whole bunch more.  After the coach told us that winning isn't everything, he took us out to get pizza and we celebrated because we gave it our all.  And after that day we just kept practicing harder and harder.