My First Home Run


                "Hey batta batta, hey batta batta swing," I shouted! At age 6 I was apart of an athletic team in the sport of baseball.  The team's name was Health Plus Yellow and they were good, me not so much.  I hit singles over and over again.  I felt ashamed of myself and I wanted to do something about it.  I asked my coach for help and he agreed so we got straight to work.

                Suddenly it was a perfect opportunity to show everyone how hard I practiced.  All the bases were loaded and I hit 2 strikes but on the third pitch I hit a Home Run which was also known as a Grand Slam. I felt very proud of myself and I felt like I was the champion of the team. After that home run I felt very confident and no longer the underdog of the team. Now nothing can beat me with my newly evolved skills in baseball.

                It was the day of a very tough game and I came into the team's meeting place. They told me that we were up against one of the undefeated teams. It was my turn to hit and the score was 2 to 5 and all the bases were loaded.  I hit 2 strikes but I never gave up no matter how much pressure was on me and on the last pitch I hit a Home Run also known as a Grand Slam.  I ran like the wind and when I made it to home base the team and I celebrated.  I learned that when you believe in yourself and when you practice you can overcome any obstacle.


About the Author:

Bryan Pena Rodriguez is a twelve- year old male who goes to Jonas Bronck Academy which is also known as MS228.  He is Dominican American and lives in Bronx, New York.  His favorite colors are red, blue and green.  His favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and bowling.  He wrote this memoir to show us how he felt about one of his favorite sports.