My Perfect Home Run


It was a shiny day where the sun hit the ground and the clouds forming faces and flowers.  I went outside of my grandma's backyard at an old branch, pretending to throw rocks like a professional player trying to strike out the other team.  I heard a loud noise in the front yard that startled me.  It was my cousin who arrive at my grandma's house yelling and running saying, "come back inside I have great news".  I went back inside with my shoes all cover by dirt.  He took a big grasp and said " we going to the champion if we win this next game" he shouted with energy inside him.  At first I thought he was lying  because he trick me every time but by the look of his face I knew he was serious about this.  I jumped so high with joy bursting that I hit my cousin, Sterling.  At first, I was laughing at him in a silly way but then my guilty conscience was all over me that I went to get him a bag of ice for him.

      The good news gave me a good day. I pick up the phone and stated dialing the phone numbers of my friends to come see me. I kept feeling bad for what I did so I want it to make it up to him. I let him use my computer and sit on my comfy rolling chair to make it up for him. It have been fives minutes and my Grandma just came and enter the house. I ran to her with joy to see her and gave her a big hug of joy. I told my grandma about the game that was coming up so I ask with all respect if I can go to the game. She response with sadness "sorry honey we need to see your Aunt tomorrow so I'm afraid you wont be able to go your bug exercising game". When she told me that my heart you broke I could hear the heart-breaking happening and I was so angry that I put frustration at the wall. I roll my first and hit the wall so hard that I may broke some part of it and hurt my own hand.

      I wake up hearing and watching people pass with flags or number one sign on their fingers to see the game. I couldn't resist going to the game. I was thinking for an escape plan that I thought about getting my grandma to think I have a stomachache. My grandma just walked in. I started making mumbling noises when she walked in and put my eyes close. She asked " are you ok can you walk" she ask with nervous on her face. I response   like being extremely sick "yes I think so".  She wanted me to stay in bed and don't make no muscle. She called my aunt and told her "we might not be able to go my grandson is feeling sick". She left my room and I put my gear on saying "lets rock and roll". I head to the game with my cousin who was waiting with my Uncle Junior. I felt bad doing that because my grandma always expect great things for me and I disappointed her, but I told myself " it was worth it". As we walked to the game my uncle told us to do our best and have fun it what it matters. As we walked into the baseball field I heard aloud noise of people cheering and chanting saying " We will win this ". I felt dizzy and from the pressure I almost want it to throw up.

    We head up to the benches and set up my equipment to prepare for my turn. My cousin pad on my back and told me "good luck cousin". It was his turn and he look around then prepare himself to bat. He got two strikes in a roll and he face was all cover red.  He finally hit the bat and I was so happy for him that I jump when he hit that bat and made it to third base. I was number 10 and it was my time to bat. I look at my cousin who gave me a confidence smile. I prepare to bat but I got two strikes in a roll. I was nervous that I close my eyes and hit the ball with all my strength that I made a homerun. I started to make homeruns until the first quarter and fifth quarter. At the fifth quarter I hurt my arm that got dislocated it. I didn't want to tell nobody so I kept quiet and try to not feel the pain.

My coach gave me a pad on the right arm where it got dislocate it and told me "champ I think we going to the championship if you keep hitting homeruns. It was time for me to be at second base to be look out and not let the other team from the country Cuba get to there or any base. I catch the balls with my left arm and threw it with my left arm to. My grandma called my uncle and asked him if he saw me because I went missing. He told her that " yeah he is here at the game I thought you said he can go he told me you did mom".  It was my last quarter and my uncle told the coach that "he will not be in this last quarter he run away but you going to replace him".  He took my arm and told me that we going to grandma house and told my cousin " I will be back later".

  He took me in his Toyota car at my grandma house. I saw my grandma at the front of the door in a chair waiting for me. She was all cover by flowers and had an angry face. She told me " you made me worry you know that I almost had a heart-attack". He told me to go to my room and I was really mad about it. I slam the door so hard and took out my Ds and started playing. The pain got worse and my arm was feeling like being hit by a truck. She came in to see me and talk, instead she saw me with pain that made her worry and a scary face like in a horror movie. I told her that I got my arm dislocate it by the last homerun that made me had to just take the bat and let the ball hit it. My aunt came and walk in and went to my room and saw my arm with pain. I told her the same that I told my grandma. She took my arm and did something's with it that made me feel better. I can move my arm and I could feel movement in it.  I was sad that I put my grandma through that scary moment and sad that her heart broke like glass shattering on the ground.  I learned an important lesson, which was that you never have to leave your house without permission because if someone tells you that you can go you will have consequences.