The Little Brother


 I was eight years old when I found out my mom was going to have a baby. My mom came from work and she announced it to my grandparents, my dad, and I. The next day, the family got together. I was very excited because I've always had been wanting a sibling because I was tired of being all a lone. A few months later, my mom was found in the hospital. " Gen", " do you want to got to the hospital to see your baby brother"? My dad said with a grin. " Yes". I replied with a smile. II was so excited and nervous at the same time. I wanted my mom to hurry up and have the baby. Afterwards, me and my dad went to visit my mom. We went to the nursery to see my baby brother Luis Jr.

  Days later, we went home and lot's of family members came over to visit the new bundle of joy. We all sat together talking about the baby and many people paid a lot of attention to him. I felt jealous but I was old enough to control myself. Because of the attention going straight t my brother, I felt like I didn't exist. I ignored everything and I just got back on track. I felt excited that my brother finally came home with my mom. A few weeks passed and I was able to feed my brother the bottle. I also noticed that my brother's face was changing and he was starting to look like my dad a lot. I stated staring at him but with a jealous sense.

 Months passed and when my brother hit age 1, he became the most annoying boy to ever ask for. I still love him but he just drives me crazy even till this day. Boys are always rough sand no where close to sweetie. Today, he chases me with a bat and he even curses me out. I learned that when you ask for a sibling, it's not always going to turn out on how you want it to be. Also not only the attention but the additude is something that you should ask for.


                                                    About the author

 Genesis is in the seventh grade and she loves to hang out with her friends.  She lives in the Bronx with her parents, grandparents, pets, and brother. She loves to write stories about her brother like in this memoir. She enjoys being with her family and friends. So far in school she's getting good grades. " I would like to be a teacher or for what my dad say's, to be a doctor just like him" Genesis say's. She wants likes to dance, sing, and do gymnastics. Genesis say's she wrote this memoir to show how much she loves her brother even if he can be a big bother.