Money Vs. Friendship


I was in 5th grade, and I was hanging out with my two best friends in class at Ps.94x. My best friend, Joshua, gave me a dollar every day because he's rich, and he has nothing to do with the money. I started to realize that Isaiah was not spending time with me. Isaiah is one of my best friends too, but Isaiah and Joshua didn't really know each other.  


I was not spending time with Isaiah any more because I was to busy spending the money and not sharing with him. I was spending the money on video games. I always hang out with Joshua because he lives near him.


noticed that Isaiah was jealous because I wasn't spending time with him. I noticed this because he was just alone and was not talking to no one. It was in class and lunches that me I, Isaiah, and Joshua meat up to talk with each other every day but Isaiah didn't come any more.


In conclusion, I learned from this is to never give up your friendship for money. The friendship between Isaiah and I, was saved because I said ‘'I was sorry''. It felt good to be best friends again.  


The author Moises Leon is 12 years old and studies at Jonas Broncks Academy. Moises is the United States of America. Moises likes to play video games but he completes his work. Also Moises is really funny.