Scarred for Life


            I was two years old and was eating dinner with my family. We were eating rice, beans, and fried chicken. I also had a beverage. But all I wanted to do was eat. I drank all of my juice in one gulp. That was my fatal error. Hawaiian punch had always been my favorite.

            When I was done with my dinner I was about to explode. I had to go to the bathroom and fast. When I got out I wanted to play with my cat. That could have waited a day or two. I had always enjoyed playing with my cat and so did she. So I decided to play with her. My cat with clear silver fur a long tail and gray eyes was furious at me.

            Soon my cat got even more furious. The rage was just far too much for my cat to take. It bolted at me at the speed of light. I started screaming and running for my life. However it was such a lost cause. I know now that running was feudal but not back then. The only thing I could think of was running.

            At that point that cat had caught up with me. So I looked back and screamed. That delayed the cat for a few seconds. It came back behind me I looked back and had a huge scar on my face. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I yelled viscously. It was a major blood bath for me.

            My neighbors heard that extreme war cry and barged through the locked door. One shouted "We`ll take my car hurry lets get him to the hospital." I had to get several stitches above my eyebrow. But what I learned was that friends and family would always be there for you.

                                                            About the Author

            Jacob attends Jonas Bronck Academy and is in seventh grade. When he is not in school he is like a comedian. He really is just like anyone else despite his appearance. He loves fun and hanging out with his friends and family. That is Jacob for you.  


dude you are the best friend

dude you are the best friend i ever had boy!