Just last year I was in my room watching TV one day. Then I heard a whisper like somebody was calling my name. I thought it was someone from outside but the whisper got a lot louder.  Afterwards I got scared and walked out of the room.  I walked into the living room terrified of what was going to happen next.  At last I was in the living room and the bathroom door close shut. 

            When I heard it I ran fast down my hall because I was afraid something bad was going to happen or I would be thrown across the room or something. Sweat started to fall down my face the room got very hot. I heard the bathroom door open and shut again so I ran deep into the hall again.

I was terrified and there was nobody there for me to help me. I felt lonely afraid and like I just had my back turned on. I waited and waited but nobody came to the rescue. I watched as the clock went by tick tock tick tock continually. I waited for a very long period of time I was exhausted and bored at the moment because I had nothing to do at the time. 

I remember how all my friends said if you ever need help I would be there for you if you need help. Or if you are in a situation you cannot handle. I then just stood in my house lonely and terrified. Soon my mom came and said " What in the world happened hear?" But at that moment I still felt unprotected.

   I then learned that a friend might not always be there for you but they are still your friends no matter what. Afterward I always remembered that lesson. I never ever experienced that lesson again. I also help that it does not happen again in the future.       


                                          About the author

            Taylor loves to play sports my favorite sport is football he dose not watch it but he loves to play with my sister and my brother. He lives in the Bronx. He likes to read books like fiction books horror and many other genres. He likes to hear jokes and laugh a lot.  He goes to MS 228 Jonas bronk academy, which is an awesome school.