I was sitting in my science class, feeling bored, listening to the same thing that we've been studying for three weeks. Then my teacher, Ms. Garcia assigned us a project on the solar system. I was actually excited about doing the project, and I had so many ideas on what to do to make my project awesome. After I tried to build the project, I gave up. Apparently it was too hard to build and it kept on falling over every time I tried to build it. Then two days later my teacher told the class to research the project so that when the day of presentation comes we are not cramming or just finding random information and end up doing everything done.

            I had six days left for my project, and I was at home feeling like I had all the time in the world. I remember that it was about 6:00 and I was watching T.V and not doing anything at all. My mom kept on telling me to do he project and I was still not doing anything or listening to her. Also when I went to school, the teacher told us to grab a laptop and do our work. Instead of doing research I went to a math website called The homework for that day was to do research and to start writing our project, but I just sighed to myself, "Ahh, I'll do it tomorrow." Tomorrow came and no work was done at all.

 The day after my teacher told the class to take out whatever they had and I had nothing in my backpack or at home. She asked me where my project parts were and I responded, " they're at home Ms". The project was due in exactly 4 days and I still had nothing. Every day passed and my folder was as empty as my water bottle. I wanted to finish my project, but I had a sickness called laziness. I had really bad writers block and that is why I postponed my work to the last minute. I had really bad writers block and good thing that my teacher was not a hothead.

My most memorable moment was when I had only 2 days left to do my project and I started to freak out and have panic attacks. I tried to construct my project but every time it kept on falling apart. Every time something had to happen, either the glue was still to wet or my cat kept on jumping over it. I gave up on that and then I tried to do my writing piece and that came out horrible, but I tried. So I left it for the next day.

The project was due and I wasn't even done writing or making my project look nice and neat before the presentation began. I thought that it looked amazing when I finished. When I started presenting I noticed a lot of mistakes on my writing.  I exclaimed to myself, " Dang it Julio, you had to write the opposite of what you were trying to say. The skeletal system circulates blood, the skeletal system builds up the body! WHAT why are the writings so wrong! My gosh, watch me get a 75% on this project" I yelled at myself.

I learned that if you leave something to the last minute, then your work not come out as good as you expected it to. Also, if you leave it for the last minute then you would get nervous since you think that the work is wrong, and you will do something wrong.


                                           About the Author

 Julio is a student at Jonas Bronck Academy in the Bronx. He was born in the city of New York but his family is from Mexico. Whenever Julio has spare time in his hands, he likes to draw and read books about vampires. Julio wrote this memoir because this reminds him of the time that he almost had a heart attack from doing his presentation incorrectly.