Unforgettable Time


     In the past when these happen I was in 5th grade and I was going to lunch. I was attending P.S Magic. When my class 5-yellow was going to lunch I noticed that my friend Faith, was wearing a pair of chestnut uggs. Of course, I was shocked that she got a pair because she was rude. I remember exclaiming to Faith " I really liked your boots!" 
     In the meantime, I thought to myself " If she got a pair, I could get a pair." Basically, I couldn't wait to go home, so I could ask my mom for a pair. The whole time in the noisy lunchroom I was staring at the boots. Faith was starting to get mad at me, but I really didn't care. Faith and I stopped talking, because she got really mad.
     I remember going home and asking for a pair of uggs. My mom responded "No" and I got really mad and jealous. I was asking my mom why I couldn't get a pair.
    Finally, I was like "Faith got a pair", and she yelled "I don't care if she got a pair you not getting one point blank and simply." Therefore, I started crying and I went crazy.
    After, this experience I realized that we stopped talking for a crazy reason. We stopped talking because I got jealous she had a pair of chestnut uggs. To conclude, I learned not to be jealous because there is things I can get and do that my friends can't do or get. After this time, I never got jealous, and if I did I kept it to myself. I kept it to myself because I don't want to repeat the same mess again. Faith and I became friends again eventually.
                                   About the Author
    Ny'Rayah is a scholar at Jonas Bronck Academy. She is now in 7th grade and love to talk about her self. She lives in the Bronx. Ny'Rayah is a girl who likes to express her self to other people. She also like being around her friends and family. Ny'Rayah hobbies are swimming, basketball, and volleyball. Ny'Rayah wrote this memoir because this was her memorable moment in her elementary school years.